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Our Vision

Oui! We are engaged to share art with people around Amsterdam, as well as pointed opinion pieces about our grievances and various fantasies. The spirit of the magazine is disjointed as eclectic sales pop up (possibly near you!), and combines our motivated staff’s ability to disperse the submissions (possibly sent by you!) and art we create for the magazine. Each issue can be seen throughout the streets of Amsterdam in full color, with our printers churning out new issues every now and then.

Meet the Team



Katie Lindhorst takes care of the magazine's graphic design needs and ensures that all social media posts are made *with love*. Carefully crafted content is then released to you, the public. So you better hurry and check out our Instagram. NOW.

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Peter writes poems that combine lyrical rhythms and an overwhelming sense of dread that perfectly encapsulates the meaningless existence of modern man. If you want to feel like shit or are a fan of the way that words combine to delight the ears you've come to the right place.

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Poignant rants join the rabble as Elis points to the problems that plague the world around her. With jokes flying around your head like she's a well-versed drone pilot ready to bombard you with her latest musings and bewilderments.



Eda is the glue that holds the website together. Combining the immaculate aesthetics of our digital artist and Eda's own unique vision and talent for wrangling together the mess that is our team, she's been able to provide y'all with the incredible art, writing and style that everyone (including herself) furnishes to the magazine.

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Jérémy Bernard writes slice of life stories about people you'd never want to meet in real life. So unless you've always wanted to enter the ring with The Trashman (IASIP) you might not want to dumpster dive here!



With a furious urge to record the poetry everywhere, and a tendency to trip out about the most mundane details of existence, Stella writes pieces that aim to question, wonder, zoom in, and dissolve.

Contact Us

Questions? Inquiries? Compliments? Drop us a line at loosedogmagazine@gmail.com or on our Instagram @loosedogmagazine!